We build four models: the Concert Hourglass, the Concert Teardrop, the Backpacker and the Student Model.  Our Concert dulcimers are customizable by choice of wood types, side depth, fretscale and fretboard width, sound hole theme, inlay and other options.  The Concert dulcimers are also fretted all the way up to the eighteenth fret, giving you the fifth note in the third octave when playing in a 1-5-8 tuning without a capo (e.g., DAD).  Various selections of hardwood can be used to overlay the fretboard and head.  The Student model offers an affordable instrument that does not compromise in quality workmanship or playability.  Use the links below for a more detailed description of each model.

Concert Hourglass
Concert Teardrop
Student Model

Use the Pricing link below to view standard features and available options.  The Wood Samples page shows sample images of wood types you could choose for your dulcimer.

Wood Samples